‘Le Feuilleté’ Armchair

Project Assistance Grants VIA 2014
Prototype, work in collaboration with Lili Gayman
Date: 2014
Material: tubular steel (structure), sprung sheet steel (seat), wool felt & leather (pouches/cover).
Dimensions: H80 x W70 x D56cm
Prototype maker: Selaneuf, Cockpit
‘‘Le Feuilleté’ is an armchair that offers comfort and storage pockets. The seat is composed of what looks like four sheets of soft felt stitched together in a rigid metal frame. The layers of felt creates a pouch on either sides of the chair in which the user can slip books, magazine, phone, touch screen, note book, etc. Pressed flat at the back, the varying widths of felt widen gradually around the arm rests to form the subtle and disappearing pouches.
Photos © VIA 2014 – Colombe Clier

Feuillete_01bFeuillete_05b Feuillete_02b Feuillete_03bFeuillete_13Feuillete_12Feuillete_09Feuillete_11Feuillete_14Feuillete_10Feuillete_08