‘Pinto’ coffee table

Date: 2012
Material: Beech and steel
Dimensions: H50 x Ø60 cm
Pinto’s shape is pragmatic, simple and timeless. The frame protrudes through the table-top creating a handle which allows for the user to move the table easily around when needed. ‘Pinto’ – also the name for a speckled bean – suggests a colourful landscape when multiplied. In 2013 ‘Pinto’ was awarded with the ‘Palmarès des Produits de l’Architecture et du Design’ prize from the ArchiDesignClub.

coffe_pinto_02bcoffe_pinto_04b coffe_pinto_01b coffe_pinto_03bcoffe_pinto_09coffe_pinto_08coffe_pinto_07